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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

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The Process?

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Ceramic Coating Tiers

We offer several tiers of protection for San Antonio car owners when it comes to ceramic coatings, from our entry-level 1-year coating to our 10-year pro-warranty-backed flagship coating. Keep your vehicle looking better than new, let us help you select the best coating for your vehicle and budget. Detail AesthetiX provides a high-quality and thorough Ceramic coating installation in the San Antonio area providing car paint protection you can trust.

What is Ceramic coating and what does it protect?

For car paint protection in San Antonio, Texas, a ceramic coating is the result of decades of research, development, and field experience in detailing and protecting vehicles of all types, inside and out. A Ceramic coating is a hydrophobic coating leveraging silica technology that chemically bonds with a factory clear coat to provide a layer of protection that is more permanent and resistant than wax or other polymers. This creates an impenetrable layer to UV, weather, acids, pollutants, bird droppings, tree sap, and anything else that threatens your vehicle’s surface.

Why Choose Detail Aesthetix?

What is Detail AesthetiX unique differentiator?

Why choose us to protect your vehicle?

Here we sell a complete service and experience which have our clients enjoying there time with us. From getting to know some details about our clients, giving a firm handshake & thoroughness of our conversations down to best methods of maintaining there vehicles and tools is how we build a relation and establish us being a trusted local expert.

More likely than not, no one you have contacted for pricing and information has taken the time to sit with you and walk you through the process as well supply an abundance of information. Our First conversation has already become an educational experience. This is why Detail AesthetiX has the reputation of being the most customer service centric geared detail studio in San Antonio TX. The last thing you will have from us is a exchange of payment with empty promises and poor education.

Every vehicle that leaves our shop has a guarantee to perform with its dedicated protection and we stand behind our work so much we offer a complimentary Exterior Wash 2 to 3 weeks after install on us!!!

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Typhoon uses key ingredients, over 70% of Si and SiO2with added titanium, to create a remarkably crystal-clear coating for windshields.

Typhoon repels water, dirt, ice and other harmful contaminants with ease; benefiting the driver by significantly improving visibility in even the most dramatic conditions. It can be applied as a durable barrier to all glass or as an additional topper onto Fireball paintwork coatings.

The secret to Typhoon is that water generally lies on an unprotected glass surface at a contact angle of 8° to 18°, however, this non-polar polymer coat increases the contact angle to upwards of 115°. This is the cause of the intense water beading properties. Typhoon isn’t simply about protecting the windshield; it’s about protecting the people behind the windshield. Drastically improving your visibility in poor conditions is difficult to put a price on. Typhoon boasts superb endurance and hydrophobicity as well as a purity level that won’t sully or stain glass.

Protect yourself and your loved ones with Fireball Typhoon.


Aegis is an exceptional all – round coating with amazing versatility that can be used on exterior and interior surfaces. Aegis contains over 76% Si02 & Si, and titanium which is unseen in the industry for most coatings at this level.

Fireball Aegis is a comprehensive application of the finest core qualities found in Si02 and other glass-ceramic compounds. Its superlative functionality allows it to be used for paintwork while also being gentle enough to treat leathers, plastics and other polymers in the interior of your vehicle. The price of Aegis is the price of peace of mind, knowing that in spite of the hostility of harsh chemicals and abrasions, your interior will remain pristine. Aegis provides any surface with top-notch hydrophobicity, sleekness, gloss and UV protection for incomparable affordability.

Valued, easy to apply, and accessible for all budgets, there’s no excuse to leave an inch of your vehicle exposed. Protect your interior and exterior with Aegis.


Fireball Devil’s Blood is the cutting-edge of self-cleaning ceramic coatings that extremely increases the luster of paint, vinyl and PPF.

Devil’s Blood combines the best substance formulation of Si and si02, up to 81%, and titanium, to deploy an exceptional ceramic shield with the phenomenal advantage of having a self-cleaning effect. It’s conducive to both vinyl and PPF protected vehicles, which ensures that the personality of your vehicle will also be enhanced with unmatched depth and richness; adding dimension to darker shades and drawing out lights and highlights. The ingenious scientific achievement responsible for Fireball Next Gen technology is organically inspired to be unbelievably hydrophobic, and Devil’s Blood exceeds in its formulation by producing an anti-static property that repels dirt and dust. If water remains on an untreated surface for too long, damaging spots and defects can grow, using dust and other microscopic materials as a source to corrode your vehicle’s clear coat or vinyl layer. Devil’s blood intervenes by creating a chemical synthesized hard-shell that repels water, and as the water beads off the surface, it collects what dust remains, drastically aiding in the cleaning process.

Brave the elements in style, without concern for damage done or time wasted having to meticulously wash your vehicle. Protect yours with Fireball Devil’s Blood.

Note* (Excellent for Vinyl/PPF wrapped Vehicles)


Fireball, as a global enterprise, understands the diversity of the environment. Coastal climates and waters introduce an extraneous variable that must be considered when seeking protection for your vehicle or vessel: salt. An incredibly corrosive ionic compound, many coatings have struggled fruitlessly to navigate the issue. Enter: Fireball Silla. Containing up to 88% of five different types of silica-dioxide and glass-ceramic compounds, fused in a unique way to realize an astonishing level of resistance from salt and many other harmful chemical fallouts. The Fireball coating is so durable that it can withstand pollution, acid rains and even animal feces. With just one layer you get up to 5 years of protection while also maintaining its signature vibrant surface clarity, depth, and gloss.

You can take solace in knowing that your surfaces are being protected by Silla.


Butterfly Coating is Fireball’s flagship single layer coating & has a factory backed guarantee for 7 years. Butterfly+ contains over 90% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of Si02. Butterfly+ also contains 2%+ Titanium. We recommend Butterfly+ on vehicles that experience harsh environments such as 4x4s and vehicles that experience a lot of micro abrasions due to infrequent cleaning or poor washing procedures. Exceeds 9H Hardness (Mohs Scale)


DoK Do is the most complex, silica-dioxide based material ever created. Fashioned with over five different types of glass-ceramic compounds, this Fireball exclusive is our eminent exemplar of commitment to providing a product of truly peerless quality. Dok Do will not only protect your investment but also make it boldly stand out from amongst its competitors.

Our Next-Generation, nano-technology ceramic coatings lineup is proven to be one the most versatile and effective protective coating systems on today’s market. But within its ranks, Dok Do reigns superior. The product itself is so far ahead of its time that it defies any category. Its advent begins with the highest concentration of covalent, dual-bonded, silica-dioxide molecules in any ceramic coating available; up to 92%. This molecular achievement is responsible for Dok Do’s unparalleled strength and integrity as well as its miraculous capabilities. When abraded or maimed by aggressive particulates or harsh chemicals, the covalent bonds regenerate in much the same way as crystalline formations of salt, but with a density like diamond.

This pioneered formulation of active, regenerative material allows for minimized deterioration over time and is stronger than protective wax by 100 fold. This is reinforced by an astounding 2% mixture of infused Titanium that excels in maximizing UV protection and further reinforces against the elements.

Dok Do’s remarkability lies in its uncompromised blend of attributes.

No sacrifice was made in its conception. This means that while it boasts the highest SIO2 levels of any ceramic coating, it does not neglect to shatter expectations in areas such as providing the highest levels of gloss, as well as considerably enhancing the richness and glow of paint finishes. Fireball understands that aesthetics cannot be compromised for practicalities sake or vice versa, and this is why Dok Do is the sole coating that entails a dual-layer application process to ensure that no corners were cut. The first layer is primarily a foundation of resin-polymer technology that is responsible for the self-healing characteristics as well as the unparalleled hydrophobicity. The resin retains its malleable functionality as the second layer of nano-siloxane blend forms a rich, glossy coating overtop. Initiating a chemical synthesis, it solidifies to a degree of 9H without subverting the properties of the resin. This outstanding scientific feat promotes the wellness and appeal of your vehicle for 10 years to come.

Let’s face it, in an age of mobility, our vehicles are an extension of our lives and personalities. Protect yours with the prestige and reputation of the world’s most advanced ceramic coating. Make no compromise with Fireball’s Dok Do.


Our specialized high temperature coating, used to coat wheels, brake components, engine parts, exhaust tips, brake calipers in racing cars, in addition to unpainted plastic panels and trims.


Our Coatings have the highest concentration of ceramic SiO2 content on the market, with a combination of up to six types of Si & SiO2 raw materials. The Ceramic SiO2 blends vary from one coating to another, providing distinct characteristics of each coating type. These differences provide properties that excel in various environmental situations including chemical, abrasion, dirt, wet, and high-temperature environments/applications.


Detail AesthetiX Coatings have unique dual-bonded Si02 molecules that create a stronger covalent bond for the coating surface integrity, finish, clarity, and depth. Dual-bonded molecules also increase micro scratch resistance.


Detail AesthetiX Coatings contain Titanium providing extreme protection against harmful UV Rays. As one of the most corrosion-resistant materials on Earth, titanium provides extra protection against wear and tear, micro-scratches and abrasions. Titanium plays a huge role with the optical clarity of colors and pigments. The percentages of Titanium we carry in our coatings are some of the highest in the market.


Unlike any other ceramic coating on the market, Fireball coatings undergo a series of chemical reactions after application. We call this Chemical Reaction, Synthesis Hard-shell Technology. To put it simply, the coating first bonds to the surface being coated. Then, after being wiped down by the installer, the coating self levels, and has a final chemical reaction to hard-shell the coating from a liquid to a solid-state. This results in higher gloss, better surface integrity, increased hydrophobic properties, more durability, and minimal shrinkage.
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